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About iHerb

In recent years, the habit of electronic shopping has become widespread and followed by a very large number of people around the world because of the shortening of effort and time and a large saving of money and many other facilities, as several online shopping websites have appeared, and one of the most famous of them may be iHerb, which has been established Since 1996 he specializes in selling 100% natural products that people consume continuously and is related to nutritional supplements, medicines and all skin and hair care needs. All these products are sold in pharmacies three or four times the price compared to their prices on the iHerb site, and iHerb ensures that you will get the best list Optional in the A world of more than 30,000 natural products from all approved brands that are sold in the American market. In addition, iHerb products are documented and from large companies that offer high-value guarantees to customers everywhere which are mainly American, European and Canadian companies and we all know how strict the laws are And the privacy conditions in these countries in particular, and despite the high quality in the products of iHerb, the prices are much lower than in our stores in fact.
And if the way to write the name Eirab or any herb varies, everyone agrees that it is the best and best place to buy the basics of hygiene, body care, medicines, natural herbs and everything that a person needs from us in his daily life such as shampoos, creams and products for children.
The e-shopping site i.e. American Herb in the original, which is a small version of the famous Amazon, which we find integrated in terms of communication and shipping with the customer, and it is available in Arabic under the same name, and all comments related to the product are translated as it is also available in other basic languages ​​such as English, Japanese Chinese With other languages ​​spoken around the world. As for the shipping and currency offered, almost all the countries of the world are displayed in this wonderful site in addition to that there are three major international companies responsible for shipping and delivery in all parts of the earth and this is what makes it like a magic wand in this attractive site. All you have to do is enter and choose your language and country and enjoy shopping from any herb.

iHerb UAE products

IHerb is the best choice today to buy all the basics related to you, your children and even the elderly from your loved ones, this site is similar to the catalog even in its presentation and you will enjoy shopping from it. Many sections are available on any herb online, here is a simple overview:

Food Supplements

This section includes a long list of nutritional supplements of proteins, fibers, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, types of honey and mushrooms and many other substances that maintain your health and strengthen your immunity.

Sports products

It is known that sport has a great importance in the life of the individual as it helps to strengthen the shades and maintain a balanced health as it is a type of modern treatments that have spread recently and that any herb site takes into account sports-related products for all of its customers, including sports plates, proteins, acids and oils accompanying the exercise Sports .

Shower products

Shower products are many and varied, and you find them abundantly in electronic stores, but with any herb, shower products have privacy with a suitable price differential for everyone, including 100% natural aromatherapy treatments with special massage oils, a bouquet of the best types of lotion, and there are also body care products, lips, hair and personal care in addition to To men’s shaving products.

Beauty products

My lady in iHerb has a complete corner for beauty care products such as shampoo, toothpaste, body creams and make-up with soaps and scrubs for the face and body as well as creams, treatments and serums as per your desire and what you need, and the special thing is the Korean beauty corner, which you should discover on your own.

grocery shop

You find the essential daily life products in this corner of iHerb so that you don’t have to go elsewhere and waste time and effort. Here you will find a list of daily basic items such as bread, pastries, coffee, honey, nuts, spices and tea.

Healthy home

It includes a list of baby products such as health care, food and toys, as well as infants from maternity and breastfeeding supplies.
There is also a list of pets that we raise in our homes from cats and dogs, etc. Their products include food, care and pigeons.


You will not find this on another site, as there are options that make it easy for you to shop indisputably with any herb and you can choose products that are free of items you do not want or perhaps harmful to your health. The most beautiful also in Airb site is that customers always mention after purchasing any product their experience with this product, Until every product on the Airp site has below a guide and an explanatory guide, you can benefit from it during the shopping process.

The world’s best quality natural products

You can shop from any herb with complete confidence and confidence, as the site is based on a group of experts in the field of health and personal care with high experience. As for sensitive products, especially from nutritional supplements such as proteins and vitamins, they are transported and delivered through many distribution centers in the United States and Asia and are certified according For Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All iHerb distribution centers remain in a temperature-cool and cold environment ranging from 74 to 75 ° F (23-24 ° C), with a large, frozen refrigerator for items such as acidophilus products that must be kept cold or frozen.

Offers and discounts

Discount codes and iHerb UAE coupons

Iherb products are well-known in the Arab world in the Middle East and the Gulf, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, very much, and shampoo, oil and creams may be among the most buying, so that any herb has adopted a policy in the sales of his products, and that the products are in the highest quality and at prices less than the market prices by 30 %, And with the experiences of many Saudis in buying iherb products, you will notice that the iHerb site exceeded the percentage that it set for itself to an imaginary degree and this percentage is in the price of some products and you will notice that its price is 70% lower than the market price in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you will not believe this unless you go into Experience and shop from any herb.

How to buy from iHerb UAE

To complete the purchase process from the iHerb site for the first time, follow the following method:
How to buy from any herb is very easy, you can enter the site from here or by searching in the search engine Google for any herb, and it will appear to you in Arabic and you can change it to the language you want easily from the top.
• The currency will be the Saudi riyal, and you can change it by changing your country.
To create a new user on the Airp site, choose a new user or click on “My Account”, and then choose “Create Account”. Register using your email and password.
• Fill in all your data correctly and correctly, and you can amend it later if you wish.
• From the control panel, add your address correctly and accurately in the address book, and it is very important to clarify the address because shipments will arrive on it.
To search for the product you wish to purchase, type its name in the search tab at the top of the page, or you can access it via the sections on the right of the page.

Some laws related to the site of iHerb in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

There are some laws that have been developed by customs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding shipping and delivery from the Airbe website and they are:
1. It is not possible to make more than one purchase bill per month for each identity card or passport, provided that the order weight does not exceed 14.5 kilograms.
2. As for food and supplement products, they must not exceed five products, and the same quantity of 3 products.
3. Cosmetics not exceeding twenty cosmetic products, and these products shall not be food supplements.
4. It is preferable to purchase through regular visa, in order to ensure the confirmation of the order, and orders usually arrive within a period of between one and five days.

Advantages of purchasing from iHerb:

Among the most important advantages of shopping and buying from Airbe include:
• Fast shipping from any Herb site in Arabic
• The ability to purchase at wholesale prices on large orders.
• 24/7 service and fast shipping
Discounts on vouchers plus free shipping on some lightweight bills.
• Receive more discounts through the rewards program.


Customer service at iHerb is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via correspondence on the website page.



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