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Sprii store

Among the well-known electronic stores on the Internet, it was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2018 and is a pioneering platform in electronic shopping specializing in all maternal and child supplies as it offers more than 1000 famous international brands of child care products, and all the products offered in Sprii Saudi Arabia on its website 100% original and high quality, which made it one of the best online shopping sites.

Sprii UAE products

Sprii has a smart policy on its products for customers. He mainly cares for the mother and her baby in all stages of life, from pregnancy to late age from childhood, and this is a glimpse of the product departments in the Saudi Spri Store:

Baby care equipment

This section is concerned with equipment that provides protection for your child in various activities, such as traveling and moving through the car’s seats and pillars, newborns, sport accessories and toys with popular international brands.


You will find all the necessary toiletries for your little one, including diapers, skincare powder, scented napkins, as well as a diaper basket, changing mattresses and special diapers while swimming.


This section is distinguished by its magnitude because it contains various products related to baby and infant food, from breastfeeding supplies to grains and industrial breastfeeding, and their requirements as well as food preparation, tools and seats.


A whole world of games awaits your child with the Saudi Spree Store. In this section with the Garden Games section, you will find special games according to the approved activities such as swimming, bathing games, interactive and educational games, party supplies, Halloween games, bicycles and electric cars.

Showering and caring for children

Here toiletries are available from towels, bathrobes, shampoo, conditioners and soaps with well-known international brands for your child in addition to creams and natural oils for skin care and hand sanitizing, there are also thermometers for your child and for the room, air fresheners and many other accessories that you can find detailed on the online platform Spree.com

Children’s clothing

A wonderful and unique assortment of international brands for all children’s needs, especially clothing and accessories, including shoes, hats, gloves, bags, sportswear, swimming and pajamas. You will find what your children, boys and girls, need with different tastes.


As for this, it is the section for you, madam. Here you will find what you need from pregnancy, such as clothes of all kinds, vitamins, skin and body care products, as well as the maternity period of health and fitness requirements. All this with a distinguished set of educational books on how to properly educate and care for the mother and child in all stages. Known.

Home and electrical appliances

And because the Saudi Spree was established to make every mother happy, he devotes an entire section to the household necessities, such as furniture and decorations for rooms, curtains and soft furnishings, and even to the kitchen. We share a group of products that concern cooking and electrical appliances for preparing food.


The Saudi Spree Store offers a unique section for gifts and it includes a list of all gifts that delight the hearts of mothers and young children with special prices and special offers.

Discounts and sprii uae store coupons

With the sprii store’s guarantee of various and multiple products, it gives its users discounts offers that give every mother the widest and widest choice of her own products and her child at competitive prices with distinction with a full guarantee of high quality, because the Spri discount coupon comes with a discount of 10% and 50% includes Usually all products are more to please mothers, and we also do not forget about the occasions and festivals throughout the year in which the discounts reach surprising and pleasant numbers, up to 80%.

Features of sprii uae

The site was designed in an easy and easy way to allow every mother to browse the catalog and choose the best for her and her child. The site also has many advantages, which are:

Quick search feature for your favorite product
All Saudi Spri products are 100% authentic and famous brands.
Best Price Guarantee Service, If you find the same product at a lower price at another location, Spree provides you with the cheapest price.
Delivery and Shipping Policy at sprii store

Sprii.com provides shipping service to all countries in the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East. The duration ranges between two days to two weeks, according to the available distance. As for the cost of delivery, it is free and payment is upon delivery, and these are the most important main features of this store.

Sprii return policy

Employees at the Saudi Spree Store strive to provide all their services to satisfy customers, including returning the product in the event of a mistake or dissatisfaction with the same product.

The returned product is accepted if it is returned within 7 days and the money will be returned to the customer as long as the product is still in its original packaging, unopened, and unused.

Another feature of the Saudi Spree store is the service of shipping goods retrieved from users, to ensure safe and fast delivery, this service is free, so you do not have to worry about the return fees.

Payment methods at sprii store

The Saudi Spri Store allows payment upon receipt, as well, ensuring safe and secure payment through certified methods on the Internet:

Visa, Master Card
Visa Check Out
To call

For customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, contact is available and easy via PO Box 14650, Riyadh 11434, Old Al-Kharj Road, Al-Khorayef, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or by phone: 00966115202712

As for the rest of the Spree clients in the Gulf and the Middle East, you can contact via email: hello@sprii.com


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The electronic platform Sprii is the largest and largest platform in the Gulf region and the Middle East for all what we wish for her mother and her child.

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