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Noon stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Good news for valued customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the launch of work for the first time after a long wait for the Noon e-commerce platform in 2017 being the largest and largest platform in the Gulf region and the Middle East.
With its first appearance, the NOON electronic platform succeeded in competing with the most prestigious electronic shopping sites in the region, such as and Amazon. This is thanks to a team of competent employees who have placed customer service and customer satisfaction in their eyes.
In addition to the distinguished group of offers, discount codes and coupons, the latest ever, with rates of more than 50%.

Noon SAUDI ARABIA products

Diversity in the products of Saudi Arabia is what distinguishes us from others, as soon as you visit it, you will be delighted with the tremendous number of options available for all your products that you need in your life, including all kinds of home appliances, desktops and available for travel and tourism as high-quality imaging tools and of course mobiles with famous international brands. There is also fashion and clothing for all age groups, women and men alike, with accessories, shoes and gifts of perfumes and jewelry.

Noon coupons and discount offers

Discount offers and huge coupons offered by the Saudi noon store on all goods available in the store. The “coupon Noon” offers a discount of 15% with a maximum of 50 riyals on the products available at the Noon Boutique and there is also a Noon discount code that reaches 70% in Saudi Arabia.

Sales season on White Friday at Noon SAUDI Arabia

Similar to the Black Friday in Western countries, the Noon stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been devoted to the pioneers of electronic shopping, discount offers and coupons, the White Friday season, in which its electronic platform, Noon Saudi Arabia, offers fictional offers with discount coupons of more than half on all products.
The sales season for White Friday shows at NOON Saudi Arabia starts from November through every Friday in November and it made an announcement about today’s offer in White Friday on its Saudi coupons website on Fridays, and Noon was still offering hundreds of offers and discounts on all products in Divide it whether you use your personal device or use the application via Android or iPhone.

Delivery policy at Noon SAUDI ARABIA

The delivery service provided by the platform does not exceed the same day in the main cities of the Kingdom through the express delivery service called Noon for transportation. As for the surprise, it is free to deliver on orders with more than 200 SAR.

Noon SAUDI ARABIA payment policy

In addition to everything that we mentioned about this pioneering platform in the field of electronic shopping, Noon Company has initiated the provision of an electronic payment portal called “Money Bay” which is truly innovative and safe for users. In addition to the usual means of paying on the net, such as credit cards, debit cards, payment for its customers in the Kingdom, and of course paying cash in the stores near you.


Noon Saudi Arabia is pleased to communicate with you on various means available to collect the largest number of comments, opinions and notes in an effort to provide all the requests that meet the tastes of all users with different tiers by the following number: 8001160210 or via e-mail:

Noon Saudi Arabia

Noon KSA coupons and discounts have been a part of this online shopping store’s strategy since the launch of Noon KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) a few years ago. Many customers have kept on expressing their delight at the development of the shop overall. The new but giant e-commerce platform is the first in the Arabic region and is reputable for being customer-oriented. Apart from putting customers’ interest at the forefront of their business ethics, another thing that makes Noon KSA a top-notch is their comprehensiveness. You can begin and end your shopping with them.