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Let’s Get to Know “Black Friday” Together

It is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, usually it comes at the end of November. On this day, a lot of stores offer their products at low prices, and they open their doors early around 4 or 5 A.M.
This day is considered as the beginning of the Christmas gifts season, and because of the big discounts of goods, many people gather in front of stores very early in the morning waiting for the opening, and as soon as the stores open their doors, everyone rushes to run in order to get the largest amount of products at a low price.
Many online stores around the world offer big discounts during the “Black Friday” such as Amazon and eBay, in addition to many large American stores like Walmart, Bestbuy, and Target. In the Arab world there are some online stores that offer discounts of “Black Friday” such as and

Where Did The Name “Black Friday” Come From?

The roots of this name extend to the nineteenth century, specifically in 1869 during the financial crisis the United States was going through. The American economy was paralyzed due to the  recession of goods and the lack of sale and purchase movement. The only solution to get out of this recession was to offer goods with discounts up to 90% in order to reduce losses as much as possible, and since that day, this habit became a tradition in the United States and later on it extended to Europe and most of the world.
As with marking this day with black color, it happened in 1960 and it is not a result of hatred or misfortune as some people believe, when Philadelphia State Police described this day in black as a result of the large gatherings and traffic jam occurred on this day in 1960, when a large number of people gathered in front of stores in long lines and the streets were full of congestion.
There is an indication of the reason why this day is called “Black Friday”, which is that black color indicates profit and disposal of goods in stores, while the red color indicates the depression, deficits and losses.
In another story, the merchants in the United States relied on recording their profits in black ink and recording their losses in red ink, and the blakc color was stuck on this day as a result of the account books being filled with black ink.

How Did The “Black Friday” Come to The Arab World

This tradition moved to the Arab world in 2014, where has launched huge discounts on this day and called it “White Friday”, because of the symbolism of Friday among Arabs and Islamic nations. is one of the oldest and largest e-commerce sites in the Arab world, as it was established in 2005 and includes a large number of products that exceed 400000 products from all categories. There are more than 23 million visitors every month to the site and it is achieving huge growth. It is also known as the Amazon of the Arab world, and it provides users with a safe and distinctive shopping experience.
This year, announced the start of “White Friday” sales from November 22 to November 25, which means that you will have four days of discounts and offers on many products such as smartphones, laptops, TV screens, and electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners as well as clothes, accessories and more await.
We cannot mention “White Friday” without referring to “Yellow Friday” at, as the yellow monster opens the door for discounts in addition to, as these sites are among the largest shopping sites in the Arab world. Discounts on this day are up to 70% on most products, and this year we are all waiting for this day on the 27th of November.
One of the points that distinguishes is that it provides discount coupons all year round, giving users discounts on many products at any time they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the official start of the Christmas shopping season in the United States, as most stores offer a limited number of products such as electronics, clothes, accessories, toys, and others at a low price.

This day originated in the United States as the big shopping day after Thanksgiving and has recently gained wide popularity in most countries around the world.

“Black Friday” is always the last Friday in November, which is the 27th of November 2020.

This name indicates when the retailers are making profit which causes them to note their profits in black ink instead of red ink which is used to note losses.

Retailers follow this policy in order to sell large quantities of goods for a small profit, which makes a big profit in return for the quantities they sell. Merchants adopt this method in order to make way for a new stock of goods.

Because you will get a great deal when you buy any product, and you can get exclusive discounts that you will not see on any other day.

It is the Monday that comes after “Black Friday”. Marketing companies have created this event in order to encourage people to buy online. Similar massive discounts are being offered on this day, and sales will continue throughout the weekend in November.