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About Ali Express, Aliexpress

The window of the youth to the world of electronic shopping par excellence, Ali Express is a huge electronic commerce company based in Hangzhou, China, was established in 2010 as a platform for Chinese companies selling to foreigners. Initially, I was known under the name Ali Baba for electronic commerce between companies for wholesale sale, so Ali Express branched out for retail. So, Ali Express is not a store in itself like the rest of the well-known stores, but it is a mediator between the seller and the buyer, and provides services for buyers such as viewing products, searching for them, comparing prices among them to buy and then evaluating them also within a tight protection policy that gives high confidence to buyers and encourages them to use the site And, in return, Ali Express provides the seller with the service of displaying, selling and collecting his products through the website in wonderful and attractive ways. All of this Ali Express achieved global success that forced the world to recognize it as a leading platform in the field of electronic commerce since 2014.

How Ali Express works

On Ali Express, a user can be a seller, either a company or an individual. It is almost similar to the Amazon global site, but the only difference between it and Amazon is that Ali Express is an e-commerce platform and does not sell special products under its name to users, nor does it allow companies and individuals to open stores.

Ali Express has contributed to reviving the world of retail sales, as it offers countless products of high quality and at factory prices any suitable prices for everyone. You can order products in quantities that you choose so that you can buy one piece to more quantity according to your desire with full protection that guarantees the safety of both the money and the product.

Offers and discounts on Aliexpress Express

Online shopping is widely available today, but what distinguishes one platform on the other is the offers of discounts and downloads that provide the user with more comfort and save money. The Ali Express website has kept up with these discounts on various occasions, most notably on Singles Day on November 11 of each year, a festival in the fullest sense of the word spread its reputation In the world, where downloads reach 50%, in addition to other festivals and international events such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Chinese national holidays, in which discounts offers range from 70 to 80%.

Offers do not end here For Ali Express, there is also a discount code for Express on the Internet, which gives you an additional discount. There is also a coupon for a 10% to 30% discount on Express.

Trust the site on AliExpress Express

Many scams and frauds occur on other sites that lack protection, and in order to avoid any of this you must check well the site you are using. Ali Express guarantees secure electronic commerce according to the testimonies of many users and fans of electronic shopping, and they support their opinions about Ali Express. It is necessary to confirm the seller by reviewing the comments and ratings addressed to him by the purchase who have dealt with him in the past, for example, do not buy from a seller with a rating of less than four even I had to do so, you must read all the negative and positive comments, as for the delay in shipping, the site should not be responsible for laziness by the employees in the exchange offices or shipping offices that may cause a significant delay in the arrival of the product

Pay at aliexpress, aliexpress

One of the advantages of this website is the ability to pay by bank transfer or Western Union.

There are shoppers who do not have a card to pay online, or may own a card, but there are products that exceed three thousand dollars, for example, but the daily purchase limit of the card does not allow this.

There are other payment methods such as payment by Visa or MasterCard, and payment through payment gateways such as WebMoney and AliPay as shown in the picture.

Ali Express provides payment feature upon receipt to some Gulf countries only until now, starting from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through all other Gulf countries.

To call

For any inquiries, comments or suggestions, you can contact through the social media referred to on the site.


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