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About Almosafer

For lovers of travel and air travel, and lovers of adventures and discoveries of other countries and cultures, the surprise is brought to you by, a promising and ambitious Saudi site that appeared at the beginning of 2012, and as the name of the site suggests, it is a pioneer in the field of airline and hotel reservations. The Al Musafer Company has witnessed great development and growth as an electronic company in the process of developing its business to become a multi-channel company and has succeeded in opening a branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt thanks to the wisdom of the leadership of its Saudi owner, the ambitious and persistent businessman Professor Farouk Al-Jeraisy, who started the journey of the Traveler company from scratch with only 4 employees and capital So little was the challenge, with increasing doubts about the traveler in the local market at the beginning of the matter, which Al-Jeraisy decided to go on behalf of the company towards the summit through wise and effective solutions such as giving several options and clear flexibility in airline reservations and hotels for his clients. He also chose to pay attention to For details and to answer questions all its customers personally in all Mai_khas tourism and electronic bookings.

Almosafer interests

The most prominent concerns of the traveler as a company and a website is mainly “family electronic tourism”, as it was necessary to have a suitable ground in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allowing the Saudi family tourism programs appropriate to the culture of the Saudi family and meet all their desires and aspirations and this is through policies followed by the traveler company including offering options of reservations Clean and comfortable hotels with prices that represent the minimum price for the local market by reducing the reasonable amount of travel expenses and this is what all lovers and travel enthusiasts are looking for everywhere. This really contributed to the increase in the profits of Al-Musafer Company from the early years of its establishment, and consequently its impressive success in front of many competitors in the local market, Saudi Arabia and even Arabia.

Flight and hotel reservations 100% online

Almosafer Company has not satisfied itself with reservations in a traditional way, but this stage directly went to the online business stage, and this was done through its success in creating a network of information and a database through the latest electronic platforms and travel agencies spread throughout the Kingdom as well as customer service centers. And from the fruit of this success, the traveler’s website reached 500 thousand nights reservation in high-quality hotels and reputation around the world in the year 2015, achieving a brilliant brilliance compared to the percentage of the year 2014, which reached 400%, by reserving only 120 thousand nights.

Almosafer website offers, discounts, and coupons

One of the priorities of Almosafer site is the satisfaction of its customers through its constant pursuit of fulfilling their desires and aspirations for a comfortable and enjoyable travel at the lowest prices and for this it provides them with the best offers and products through what it derived from the wise leadership of the “Sera” group of travel and tourism, which established its roots in Saudi Arabia, and which helped the traveler website Greatly understanding the needs of the Saudi market and meeting the diverse aspirations of travelers.
The traveler is happy to offer a variety of coupons and various discount codes for Kiran and hotel reservations for his clients, and he has chosen the best times for their happiness, most notable at the time of the holidays, with the full linking of the customer to the customer service centers that operate 24/7, in addition to the travel advisory service available in the local branches, and each This stems from the company’s constant desire to meet the needs of travelers, and give them an easy and comfortable booking experience to enjoy unforgettable times with family and friends.

Almosafer discount voucher

Copy the voucher code and paste it into the space provided on the payment page, after selecting your flight. Then press “Use”, where the discount value will be calculated from the total amount of the reservation. You can then go to “Follow-up to passenger data” to complete the reservation.

Almosafer features

Compared to its recent history and great accomplishments in a very short time, the Al-Musafer Company succeeded in achieving a miracle in the fullest sense of the word, through the disintegration of the first ranks in front of its competitors in the local Saudi and Arab market.
• Al-Musafer site includes the largest number of hotels, and this matter distinguishes it from Tajawal and other competitive booking sites, as it deals with Saudi travel agencies and customer service offices.
• The Traveler website provides a range of services for travelers, whether for hotel reservations, length of stay or airlines, with very safe payment methods that guarantee all your financial rights.
• Al-Musafer site is distinguished by providing many and varied options to its valued customers through offering a varied list of hotels of varying degrees in more than one country, including weak and medium budget hotels from 3-star hotels and 5-star hotels, and also for high-budget owners, including luxury and excellent hotels.
• Easy and fast communication with customers, as it provides communication via the Facebook page and Twitter account as well through WhatsApp number for more speed in responding to customer interactions and there are other means such as e-mail as well.
• The Traveler website provides a mobile application to further satisfy its customers, approach their desires and understand their preferences, and it can be downloaded and is easy to use for all customers.
• As for customer service on the Traveler website, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• It is possible through the Al-Musafer website to reserve more than one airline ticket to more than one destination, so it is possible to reserve tickets for up to 6 flights at the same time, and only the customer must give the data accurately for all flights.
• As we mentioned, the Traveler site includes the largest number of hotels at various levels, it includes nearly a million hotels around the world, you can choose comfortably and compare them according to your available budget.
• Also, the traveler website includes the largest number of airlines and this makes the options more flexible in addition to a number of international restaurants all this according to your budget and you only need to enter the traveler website and compare prices to ensure the cheapest offer on the net.
• It is also a feature that the traveler website deals with customers as they are the owners of the company. The policy of retrieving money is easy in case the trip or flight is canceled at the last minute. This calculates a major advantage for the traveler’s website. You only need to communicate with the work team and you will notice the facilitation of the refund.

Refund will be given if the reservation is canceled on  AlMosafer site

The amount paid is refunded the same way it was paid. If you pay with your credit or debit card, the value paid will be returned to the credit or debit card. Note that other sums paid are deducted from the total amount before retrieval, and these accrued fees include: traveler fees to cancel reservations, cash refunds, discounts. It takes two working days to request a refund of the reservation amount for a period of 15-20 working days to return the amount to your personal account for your credit card

Reservation procedures from almosafer website

The Traveler website has a number of points that must be available when making the reservation process, namely:
• A passport with a validity period of at least 6 months is available
• Visa availability
Availability of transit visa for the intended country
• Owning the currency of the country you intend to travel to
• Medical examinations of vaccinations and memorization

Payment methods at Almosafer website

AlMosafer Company provides secure, innovative and very convenient electronic payment methods for all customers, namely:
Credit Cards (MasterCard – Visa)
Debit Cards (Traveler Discount Voucher)
• Travel program in installments without interest in case of difficulty providing the full amount of the reservation (see the official website of the traveler for more information about installment without interest)

To call

Contact the special support team on AlMosafer site by completing the reconstruction of an email on the Contact Us page or send a direct e-mail to the following address Also you can contact the Saudi number + (966) 920 000 997



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