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About the Baby Shop

The Baby Shop store appeared on the scene for the first time in 1973 in the State of Bahrain, and today the Baby Shop owns 245 stores located in more than 16 countries in the Middle East and Africa, and the store is still in constant growth as it aspires to become the first children’s store in the Middle East, which provides A wonderful and distinctive shopping experience for mothers and children. Baby Shop is considered one of the most famous electronic shopping stores specialized in selling and marketing children’s supplies from birth until adolescence, as it offers clothes, baby care products, baby carriages, and other products from the most famous international brands.

Baby Shop Products

The store offers a wide range of products and commodities that children need from birth to the teenage years of “clothes, children’s furniture, baby care products, baby carriages, the most important thing that distinguishes the store from other stores that its products are of high quality and distinctive prices, as it is one of the most famous International brands for children such as “Juniors, Giggles, Barbie, Disney, Graco, and others…” allowing mothers the freedom to choose between more than one product.

Baby Shop store offers and discounts

The Baby Shop offers many seasonal and special discounts. But the most popular of these discounts are the discounts on Monday that the store belongs to with a special page “Two Mothers” or Mommy’s Monday. The discount in this part of the site reaches 70%. The “Baby Shop” also provides a loyalty program under the name “Thank you” that enables you to earn “Shukrans” points. The price on every purchase from the site is used to get an instant discount for your purchases or for spending on subsequent purchases.

The Shukrans program offers exclusive offers, introductory downloads and bonus points for events such as birthdays. The “Baby Shop” also belongs to its online users, with exclusive offers online. The Baby Shop offers gift vouchers to its loyal clients and enables them to purchase the value of the card, either partially or completely. If the price of the product to be purchased exceeds the value of the voucher, the card beneficiary can pay the remainder in cash or by credit card.

Means and methods of payment at the Baby Shop website

Baby Store offers many payment options:

Paiement when recieving.
Pay with international credit cards, “Master Card” and “Visa” or cards issued from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Pay by Paypal
SADAD Account (special account for electronic shopping)
Shukrans (200 points minimum).


The Baby Shop store can be contacted at the customer number 22297467-800 or send a mail to the website page.


The baby shop offers a range of the best offers and discounts for the best baby products from birth to adolescence in addition to the baby shop discount coupon at a great value on various products.

As for the daily offers, it is not less important, as the reduced rates range from 20% to 50%.

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