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About Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a well-known brand with a large number of users for more than 20 years. Bath and Body Works was established in 1990 as an American retailer until it evolved and spread to become the pioneer in the Gulf with its branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait in everything related to products. Aromatherapy, gifts and body care that give a feeling of happiness. Today it is spread in about 1600 stores around the world, in the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and Russia in more than 90 stores. Basically Bath and Body Works ksa is dedicated to providing a long list of selections to suit all tastes and desires of precious craftsmen.

Bath and Body Works store products

Bath and Body Works are unique in the best quality products, always seeking leadership in this specialty, and it provides a list of various products according to the main departments as follows:

body care

It includes moisturizing products such as lotion, cream, body lotions, as well as products related to hand and face care.

Shower and hygiene

This section combines both body wash products and shower gel, effervescent shower balls and shower bubbles, body scrub is also available as a main product with other shower accessories.


All kinds of luxury and regular perfumes are available in Bath and Body Works, and you will find a distinct collection as a gift to help the heart of your lover, whether it is a perfume, a cologne or a perfumed body spray.


Bath & Body Works stores offer world-famous products in the form of a complete set carefully selected such as aromatherapy, men body care, Rose, Gingham, Dark kiss, CocoShea, In the stars and Water.

Hand soap

It also includes hand sanitizer products and accessories, as well as various types of soaps.

Home fragrances

You will be pleased to provide the famous white white barn products classified as distinctive fragrances for you and your friends. Also, the list of home perfume selections also includes candle products with carriers and accessories related to them, as well as you will find perfumery for the car and room and types you choose according to your desire there is electric and there is the same packaging and hand sprays.


For gifts in Bath and Body Works, special interest has been made available to its users, a bouquet of men’s gifts and special gifts for parents ’festivals. There are gifts for your friends and mothers on her birthday with a variety of accessories that will appeal to you.

Offers of discounts and coupons Bath and Body Works

Bath & Body Works offers its clients effective coupons and discount codes on all products from body care, hand soaps, home perfumes, gifts and other products that it has to delight its users and their satisfaction. Discounts reach satisfactory proportions and are suitable for everyone. There are discount coupons that start from 10% to 25%, and in special offers such as occasions and holidays where gifts abound, discount coupons may reach half and even 75% on some products from its platform. Its latest offers are always presented on its website where you can be always aware of the discounts for Bath and Body Works ksa.

Features of Bath and Body Works

The site is designed to be easy and available to all users around the world without any complication, even if you are looking for a special product, it will be one of the simplest things to find it through the quick search feature on the site. Bath and Body Works also supports Arabic and English to help all consumers from all over the world understand the content.

Delivery service at Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works brand provides delivery services to the door of the house or by selecting and receiving from the shop and the cost of delivery varies according to the place. As for the good news for its users, it is free to deliver products that cost up to 99 SAR.

Payment methods at Bath and Body Works

The site offers many payment methods that suit every category of users, and you will find options ranging from credit cards, debit cards, or KNET, and of course the method of paying cash upon receipt.

Return process at Bath and Body Works

If you want to return your order in exchange for a refund of the amount paid or replace it with certain products, you have a 15-day deadline from the date of the invoice to do so.

This return process requires two basic conditions:

Return the product to the store in the same condition it was connected to and in its original packaging
Bring the product invoice

Please be aware that the time limit is according to the laws in force in your country and in cases of offers the conditions for the offers will apply.

Contact Bath and Body Works

For any service you need, or a question, please contact the customer service team at the following number: 800-74292

Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works branches in the Gulf and North Africa region offer discounts of fictional rates up to 75 and 80 percent through Bath and Body Works discount codes and Bath and Body Works coupon codes with discounts starting from 10% to 25%.

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