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About the CenterPoint store

Centrepoint is one of the largest retail chains in the Middle East region, especially in the Gulf in its main branches: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon and Egypt, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has more than 300 stores in the country. The world-famous Center Point brand, which is under the “Landmark Group”, has recently joined all of the well-known retail stores: Baby Shop, Splash, Shoe Mart, Lifestyle to become the name “Centrepoint” to suggest to the user a new concept in the world of electronic shopping, the true meaning Behind the label is mass shopping. It is worth noting that Centrepoint stores have received several honors for their marketing initiatives, as they recently received nine awards, including three gold prizes, at the Crystal Festival in France, one of the largest advertising events in the world .. And back to the Centrepoint branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this electronic platform has succeeded in attracting More than eight million users and the number is constantly increasing, through its branches scattered throughout the vast kingdom, due mainly to the considerations that Centrepoint puts in mind, which are based on a constant quest to meet all the requirements of its customers with its diversity and differences at competitive prices. They are.

CenterPoint products

Center Point represents the ideal and unified destination for the whole family, on this platform you will find all that relates to family members, regardless of age, in the various products, and this list is as follows:

Women’s fashion

This section is dedicated to teenage mothers and girls, who will find a bouquet of the latest fashion, blouses, pants, sportswear, lingerie, pregnant clothes, and sleeping sets, in addition to cosmetics, bags, wallets, shoes with all their uses, evening accessories and jewelry. All this with selected international brands.

Men’s fashion

Parents and male sons have a big stake in the list of center point products, and this is through sportswear and pajamas, from elegant pajamas, winter and interior clothes, blouses and pants with all their designs, in addition to fashion accessories from neckties, hats and sunglasses with brands that suit your look.

Children’s fashion

Centerpoint reduces in its electronic platform a whole world for the child through a variety of products that include girls and boys clothes and shoes starting from the age of 4 years and above, in addition to gender-specific accessories such as hats, socks, bags, sunglasses, watches and jewelry for young girls.

Baby toys and supplies

In this section, the user will find the most important tools that help him in caring for the child in his early years, including health care and nutrition tools such as eating chairs and food preparations, baby supplies such as bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and toilet training tools, all related to nursery, bedding, and even tools used during travel to comfort children Of course, the games provided by Centrepoint for children are suitable for all ages and both sexes.


It has a special center point in a special section for what it contains of many and varied products from world famous brands, from hair and skin care to toiletries for lips, eyes and face, makeup accessories are also available, and men have a share in caring for their heroine through men’s care products.

Home and Decor

This section is for all users who want to change the decorations of their homes and even their offices, here you will find office tools, furniture for rooms, kitchen, furniture, curtains and lighting all at reasonable prices that satisfy everyone.

Centerpoint coupons and discount code offers

Being a leading online platform in the world of electronic shopping, Centrepoint store used to surprise its customers from time to time by allocating discounts offers entitled selected products at exceptional prices, and with what the site provides by huge discounts through Center Point discount code, you will have complete freedom while choosing your orders and this is what distinguishes it From any other online platform that deals with online shopping. As for coupons and offers for discounts in well-known seasons, such as school returns or festivals, they are fictional and include everything you think of products, including fashion and home decor, and may reach 50% and even 75%.

Centerpoint features

Electronic shopping has become a habit in our Arab countries, especially the Gulf region and the Middle East, because it allows it to be quick and easy to buy, pay, and receive. In general, the prices for products in electronic stores may reach half, compared to their price in the regular market. That is why the Center Point store quickly appropriated to its users the largest amount of The features that make him enjoy electronic shopping on his platform by facilitating the process of payment upon receipt and shipment to the door of the home or even receipt from the store. The user can also obtain points for each purchase and then replace it and get an additional discount on demand Other information from the Center Point website.

CenterPoint Delivery Policy

Delivery services are really fast, if they are in the main cities, they will not exceed today and two days at the latest. If you order any Baby Shop product that needs to be installed, you will be able to schedule a delivery time.

As for requests to other remote areas, you will receive it within 4 working days. The further the distance is, the more time for delivery will increase a little, and we depend on that for our valued customers.

If the value of the purchases is more than 100 SAR, the delivery is free.

CenterPoint Return Policy

You can return your products in three easy ways.

Go to the “order history” in my account “, select the products you want to return and submit a return request. Please fill out the return voucher included in your order or in the confirmation email to your email.

Payment methods at Center Point

There are many payment methods, and we mention them as follows:

Credit and debit cards – issued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or credit and debit cards Visa or MasterCard International.
Pay cash on delivery.
SADAD for Saudi Arabia users
Gift cards
Thank You points – All you need is a minimum balance of 200 Thank you. Choose the “Thank you” indicator at checkout to calculate the amount of discount you will receive.

To call

You can contact Saudi Arabia Customer Service at 10-111-800 or by e-mail through our email page


Center Point is a brand shopping mall that includes the latest products with diversified categories with well-known international brands. In addition to fictional discounts offers through the Centrepoint discount code and the latest and best-ever Centrepoint coupon offers that start from 10% to 50% and up to 75%.

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