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About Jamalon

It is the largest Arab store in the Middle East and it is also one of the largest and most important websites for selling books in the world. It is originally Jordanian in origin and was established in 2010, and the Jamalon website contains more than ten million titles. This is a very large number from an electronic aspect. Books can be purchased from the site from anywhere in this world. The owner of the project was able to achieve great success, Mr. Alaa Al-Sallal, who he and his family of only 7 individuals were able to form a solid network for the purpose of running the business, and their story was narrated within the framework of encouragement and challenge under the title of a small dream that turned into a huge project that reaches fame in many countries.
The Jamalon website for selling electronic books opens a door for you to facilities, which is really a great opportunity to purchase all the books and literary and cultural publications you want, all in one place, with just one press of a button, you can get the latest versions of your favorite publications from Jamalon International Library.
Jamalon site provides book delivery service as it is located in the following countries: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Arab Republic of Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar.

Books and sections on the Jamalon website

More than 10 million addresses in one site, as if it were a cave of Ali Baba for lovers of literature and honorable readers, here in jamalon site, you will not be confused in the search through the quick search feature at the top of the screen with the ease of touring the site through the division of English books and books in Arabic each separately. For the sections available on the Jamalon website:

English books

You will find all literature in the English language in this section and these topics that you will find during your search:
Architecture, Antiques & collectibles, Arts, Graphic Novels and comics, Juvenile Fiction, computers, self-help, design, Foreign Language study, Fiction, Business & Economics
These major titles are in turn divided into many branches for more accuracy in your choices.

Arabic books

In this section you will find more and richer titles than English, and you will also find all the latest versions of novels and literature that you prefer and these topics that you will encounter in your search:
Literature and fiction, history and geography, family and children, political books, science and nature, sports and leisure, economics and business, Islamic books, journalism and media, arts, Sharia and law, computer and internet, philosophy, biographies and notes.
And just like the English language, these are major titles that in turn are divided into more accurate and specialized branches in the field you are looking for.


This section represents a compilation of the best-selling books in the past year, and this helps you know what you can choose and benefit from more.

Weekly offers

This section is devoted to the discounts offers for Jamalon website, where there are weekly discounts on specific books that you can find your favorite book among them and buy it at a cheaper price, thus saving your money and effort with the Jamalon website for selling electronic books.

Offers and discounts on the Jamalon website

Jamalon website does not miss presenting offers of discounts and discounts for book lovers and lovers, reading and visitors to its online platform on the Internet, and this is why a special corner is set on the site in which all discounts are put on all kinds of books in varying rates ranging between 10% and 20% and up to 40%. You can also subscribe to a service Notice and alert each time Gimloun website displays its discounts to its valued visitors.
All this and more with coupons and discount codes spread under the title of excellent jamalon reduction, by making use of an exclusive special discount rate of coupons
Jamalon discount, When you use Jamalon discount code 2020 you will be able to purchase lots at the lowest possible price.

The most important features of Jamalon electronic library

• Subscribing to the Jamalon website is free
• The site offers summer and weekly offers that you can take advantage of, in addition to discount codes and effective promotional coupons in the Republic of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other concerned countries.
• Books are available in the Jamalon Library in both Arabic and English, and this opens up more cultures and always benefits more.
• Book delivery service to the door of the house
• The golden points service for the Jamalon website for selling electronic books, which is your balance inside the Jamalon website, which you can get by completing a purchase of $ 100- $ 200 or if you send an invitation to a friend, in which case you can exchange your gold points.

Shipping and delivery service at Jamalon electronic library

Jamalon electronic books website provides its customers with a service to deliver books to all countries in the Middle East and the world. Where the site delivers the requests within a maximum period of 72 working hours, in addition to the shipping period, which usually ranges from 7 days to 15 days.

Replacement and return service at Jamalon Bookstore

Jamalon site as the most important and largest book buying website online is important to the customer’s comfort in the first place. In the event that the customer receives a book that does not conform to the specifications mentioned in the invoice, it can be retrieved, provided that it is in its original condition. In the event that a lesser shipment is received or books are received in a bad condition the customer wishes to replace, you can send a complaint for the purpose with a copy of the invoice received at the following email and it will be sent to the section concerned with examining the requests upon arrival and then write you to complete the replacement or return process.

Payment methods at Jamalon website

Jamalon Bookstore offers many payment methods and options, such as:
• Paiement when recieving
Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card)
• PayPal
Bank Transfer
• CashU Card – Orange Money – One Card
In addition to these methods, the Jamalon website for selling electronic books gives you an opportunity to use the website’s discount codes to save more money before the purchase.

To call

You can communicate with customer service on the Jamalon website via a Saudi phone number + 966-115102772 and you can also communicate via the Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram and of course the email is available for more inquiries and requests via the following address


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