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About  store KUL.com

It is one of the newest electronic stores that was established just weeks ago (late 2019) inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be a major shopping platform that contributes to the development of the Arab digital economic sector and with its modernity in the Arab market, its policies are moving towards modern modifications in it so that it is similar to all electronic commercial platforms on World-class also provides a lot of basic and varied products and fantastic prices and offers offers that save money and effort for the most facilitation in the daily life of all users and lovers of electronic shopping.

Shop products all KUL.com

Every Saudi store has emerged since its establishment with a bouquet of various and many products in categories considered essential in our daily life, which are mobile phones and electronics in various uses and perfumes of various types for personal use, air fresheners and swimwear, as well as KUL store provides home decorations, kitchen appliances, food preparation, luxury and elegant watches and brands Distinctive world. All this with two additional sections provided by the kul.com store website:

Daily deals

In this section, the kul store offers exclusive and new discounts offers for the same day through a long list with a quick search feature so that the user can benefit from these daily offers with ease, and this is a special feature of the whole Saudi store.

Offers under 99

This corner concerns discounts related to products that are under SAR 99.

Discounts and coupons at KUL.com store

kul store comes at low competitive prices from other online shopping sites as it strives through offers on sale every day up to more than 60%, and there are special downloads that the user will find in the kul store discount coupons, and each coupons differ in value That you provide and you may find a discount code of up to 50%, with an emphasis on the possibility of increasing the value of discounts in an effort from KUL.com to satisfy all segments of visitors and gain their confidence.

How to buy from each kul store with discount code

You can have a successful buying experience through each kul store with ease, just follow these steps:

After entering the store, register your account on the site, or create a new account if you do not have one, in order to facilitate the procedures of shipping and delivery.
Now take a tour inside each kul store and check the section you want to buy from, or you can also use the search box to find a specific product you are looking for.
When you find a product and want to buy it, you must first click on it to show you all the information about it, such as shipping details, delivery time, and also product specifications, after seeing all of that add the product to the cart.

After that, return to shopping again and every time you buy a product, click on it to see all the details about it. After completing the shopping completely, click on the shopping cart to start the purchase procedures.
First you have to review all the products you have purchased inside the shopping cart, and confirm the quantities that you have purchased, then enter the coupon discount code in inches per kul to get the discount value, then click buy now.

It shows you a map to determine your location you want to ship the products to, select the exact location and then click Confirm Location

The next page will show you more details about the shipping address. Enter all the necessary information accurately for the convenience of the store representative for each kul, and then click on Save Address.
Now you go to the payment page, choose the payment method you want, then click on confirm purchase.
Thus you have successfully purchased the order from each kul store, waiting for your email to confirm the purchase.

Store and shipping policy at kul.com store

Each store offers a lot of services that make the user enjoy the online shopping experience, the most important of these services are the fast delivery and shipping of products.

As the request reaches you at the latest within 48 hours and less depending on the region, the cost of delivery at each kul store is very low, with the possibility of obtaining

Free shipping when the order value exceeds 50 Saudi riyals, and the site delivers orders within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the United Arab Emirates.

 return policy for kul Store

Each site kul.com allows the return of some products if they were not what was requested, or if it was damaged or broken, or if you change your mind to return the product but according to specific conditions which are:

Products must be returned within 15 days of delivery, and renewed products will be returned within 7 days only.
There are some non-returnable products such as, hazardous and flammable materials, swimwear, digital books, video games, socks, underwear.
Also there are some products that cannot be returned for health reasons such as earrings.
When returning any product, it must be in its original condition, inside the original packaging and box.

Payment methods are available at kul.com store

The store provides all the possibilities of payment in the most secure way until each user finds the appropriate method for him, and the most prominent of these methods:

Paiement when recieving.
Credit cards (Visa – Master Card).
Pay by mada cards.
American Express Cards.

To call

Each store is happy to receive the customers ’notes and wishes by calling the following numbers: 80058522 from within the UAE, or 8001242444 from within Saudi Arabia. Or contact us at care@kul.com.


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