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A Summary About Max Fashion

You must have heard of our name recently from people’s talks in Egypt, since our trade-mark became well known for beauty and elegance lovers due to the huge diversity we have at our store, which contains anything people desire from all ages, men, women, and children.

And because of the affordable prices of our products and the huge varieties we offer, our name became a pioneer at fashion. Shortly, we aim to make our trade-mark available for all people without making them think if they can afford the product’s price or not.

By learning from the great brands around the globe, you will get surprised how easy it is to find what you are looking for. You will see how many options you have in the website and it is not complicated at all to get what you are seeking, due to the great arrangement of products in special categories, which make searching quite easy and simple.

At Max Fashion store you have to be sure that everything you find here is original and belongs to international brands and trade-makrs. We assure you will get your product from manufacturers directly, so we prove that we grow up with your trust.

What Makes Me Choose Max Fashion?

If you find everything you are looking for in a place, why not to choose that place?

That’s what Max Fashion is offering you.

When you order any product from Max Fashion, you will receive your order in one to three workdays, with free shipping service for orders more than (…) pound, and also you can return your product in case you did not like it in 15 days of delivery date, you can pay when you receive your order or with your credit card.

Our website is available in both languages English and Arabic, which make it easier for you to browse and choose the product you want.

If you are a new client, download Max Fashion App so you will get a 25% discount on the first order when it is more than (…) pound, and do not forget to register in our lists so you can receive all the exclusive offers and discounts.

Max Fashion provides you with a support team ready to answer all your questions and queries and can help you with anything you need while shopping in the store.

When you place an order through our website you will get notified with a confirmation message and the delivery date.

All the products at Max Fashion store are 100% original.

The Fantastic Products at Max Fashion

Max Fashion store offers you a wide and special variety of everything you need in your daily life, special occasions, and anything you want to find.


Here at Max Fashion we offer you all types of clothing for all ages, men, women, and children, winter, summer, spring, and autumn.

Starting with formal suits to dresses, underwar, lingerie, and sleeping pyjamas.

Our clothes are highly elegant and their prices are really affordable, and sure we have casual clothes for your daily life.

As we mentioned before, all clothes in our store are original 100%


At Max Fashion you will find all types of shoes you are looking for, sports, formal shoes, in addition to slippers and sandals.


Because we care about your appearance and we know how important are the details, we have made a huge collection of accessories that you will find only at Max Fashion.

Belts, bags for men and women, jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses, and more things waiting for you in our store.

Important Notes

You can get free shipping service when you place an order with more than (…) pounds, and for orders under this amount, you may pay only (…) pounds for shipping, and the products will be at your place in one to three workdays.

You can return the products you did not like in 15 days of delivery date, the product must be in its original packaging and undamaged. It is not possible to return underwear, swimming suits, sunglasses and accessories.

When you place an order we will send you a confirmation message in addition to email.

If you receive your product damaged you can return it for free.

You can contact our support team at any time through these ways:

Max Fashion online number:



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A Brief About Max Fashion

Max Fashion is a name that represents elegance and beauty in the Arab world, this store is offering the newest fashion of clothing and accessories which are suitable for all people. With its wide varieties of international brands and trade-marks and the competitive prices, Max Fashion gives you a different shopping experience, and by different we mean good.

The beautiful and accurate design of the store gives the user many options while browsing and selecting what they are looking for, thanks to the organized distribution of all products in obvious categories. At Max Fashion store you will find clothes for men, women and children in addition to any kind of products you are looking for.

All the products you find at Max Fashion are original 100% and from international brands and trade-marks, and we offer you these products from the manufacturers directly, because your trust is a high priority for our store.

Moreover, you may get everything you wish at our store with discounts by using our discount coupon codes.

We offer fast shipping, and you can return any product you do not want or did not like at 15 days of delivery date.

Max Fashion’s Fabulous Products


With wide and huge varieties of the latest fashion starting from formal suits, casual clothes, dresses, jackets, sports, jumpsuits, and lingerie, sleeping pyjamas, home dresses.


Max Fashion store offers fantastic models of formal shoes, sports, slippers and sandals.


Do not get lost in our accessories, because it is possible to do. You will find bags, belts, hair accessories, jewelry, sunglasses and other fantastic accessories.

We assure you a great shopping experience once you are at our store, and we promise you will find everything in your mind.

Max Fashion

max fashion

Max Fashion store, which is considered the address of elegance and beauty in the Arab world, offers you the newest and latest fashions of clothes and accessories that meet all your tastes. With its huge assortment of international brands, at reasonable prices for all categories and competition for all other stores, it offers you a shopping experience that you will not get anywhere else.

The beautiful and accurate design of the store gives the user a large area of browsing and easy selection of everything he is looking for, thanks to the meticulous detail of all products in clear boxes. In Max Fashion store you can find men’s and women’s clothing and all kinds of products that you are looking for.