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General definition Modanisa turkey

The first goal was to create a suitable space for decent women and involve them in the world of electronic shopping through costumes and products worthy of their religious affiliations, and this is how Modanisa began. Modanisa turkey store was founded on Mother’s Day in 2011 as a symbolic day, and it was the first Turkish electronic platform to enter strongly to compete with the other leading electronic platforms in the world of electronic shopping in the Middle East region, in its expansion, the Gulf countries, Europe and Australia.
Modanisa provides its services to more than 16 million visitors worldwide in five different languages, touching all segments of users from Turkish, Arabic, English, French and German in 130 countries with the participation of more than 650 brands and 70 thousand products.
Thanks to a young and enthusiastic team, she managed to reach the goal and traffic to win international awards in two consecutive years: 2017 Islamic Economics Award and 2018 International Business Excellence Award. Modanisa has contributed to creating a new concept in the world of electronic shopping under the title of Istanbul Fashion Week 2016, to pass to Lebanon and Dubai in 2017 and then to Jakarta in 2018.

Modanisa products

The Modanisa electronic platform is the first in the world in the marketing and sale of modest and veiled fashion, it provides thousands of modern options in line with the wishes of an important segment of women around the world and their needs of daily clothes. We will provide a glimpse into its products that mainly concern women and their daughters and even their infants and you will find used sections for veils and accessories such as shoulder straps and bunnies with the latest international designs as well as ready-made clothes such as evening dresses, tunics, coats, abayas, light sleepwear and overalls such as bodys and pants, sportswear and swimwear Also modest for large sizes, all brands are available on its platform in addition to bags and shoes with all its uses and accessories for the best looks from Modanisa and the most famous and best brands of the most famous designers in Europe and the world at prices from us Everyone.

Modanisa Discount Offers & Coupons

What distinguishes the Modanisa website is the facilities that it provides to the huge number of visitors around the world, and because the number is constantly increasing, this is due to the volume of discounts and coupons that Modanisa offers to its users, and the discount rate may reach 50% on all products, especially clothing, such as tunics, dresses and the veil.

Its seasonal offers are not without surprises and fictional coupons. You just have to enter and search simple to be surprised by Modanisa discount code, which may exceed 80% sometimes to 100% on some products.

Modanisa delivery service

Modanisa site continues to excel in providing its services to its users around the world through the fast delivery and shipping service that only takes the same day (a few hours) until 24 hours in the shipping and delivery of local orders, while shipping and delivery of international orders will need 48 hours and note here the difference in shipping charges By country and value of the products.

Modanisa return and exchange policy

Its goal is only the satisfaction of users through its services, so it offers them a policy that enables them to return or replace the product in the event of an error or if they are not satisfied with a particular product. Return any item that is conditional to be with the price tags card within 15 days from the date of delivery. The product must also be unused, that is, it can be re-sold. This is related to the safety of the product, especially if it is from clothing through the presence of the trademark, as well as acceptable external packaging.

Note: For the swimwear category, you can only return products from MAYOVERA within 15 days of receiving your order.

Modanisa payment methods

Payment can be made via one of the following options:

Pay by PayPal
Credit card
Bank card.

Note: Bank transfer is not accepted.

Contact Modanisa

You can use the customer service line from all over the world on the number: +33 1 85 65 37 93

Or by sending an email to:

Your opinions and comments will help in further development of Modanisa services and knowledge of your tastes. In light of it, discount codes and Modanisa coupons are created.


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Modanisa turkey has succeeded in creating a huge online base that has emerged in the Middle East in particular.

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