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About Noon store

Noon is a leading website in the field of shopping in the Gulf, the Middle East and North Africa with a capacity of up to 20 million products. It was established and launched in the UAE first in 2016 and after the success of the impressive experience, it was launched in Saudi Arabia in 2017 with funding from the Saudi Public Investment Fund and the well-known Emirati businessman, the professor. Mohammed Al-Abbar There is also the Kuwaiti Al-Shaya Company and other investors with a total investment of one billion dollars. Noon store today is landing in Morocco to include shopping lovers in North Africa. So, the Noon store is known electronically to users and lovers of shopping in general, and it is a unique move in the digital world, as it offers the shopper in general great opportunities to choose between various products with international brands and within several categories such as electronics, fashion, kitchen tools and many others so that the user finds everything he needs in one place without the trouble of searching The long and, of course, to keep pace with the era of speed and advanced technology that we live in today.

Noon products

The Noon store offers a revolution in all categories offered, especially electronics, including mobiles and accessories, video games for children, computers and other office devices, from copying and printing to headphones in addition to home appliances, the kitchen, cameras and video cameras with high quality photography, all of that and more for a world The wide electronics are available at the Noon store and the most famous international brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HP, Sony, Canon, Nikon and many others that the user will find clearly displayed on the Noon website without the trouble of searching. Noon also provides lovers of fashion and fashion, the best brands of clothing for men, women and children, sportswear, evening wear and bathroom accessories, shoes for all their uses, jewelry, perfumes, makeup, sunglasses and various travel bags.

Coupons and discounts in Noon

The Noon store is constantly striving to satisfy all its customers on an ongoing basis and attract more visitors to purchase. This is why Noon offers huge discounts on all merchandise of the store. The “coupon Noon” offers a discount of 15%, with a maximum of 50 riyals, for the products available inside the store, and there is also a Noon discount code that reaches 70%. All this and more is provided by the Noon store with fanciful offers that make the world of digital shopping a very successful experience with the lowest costs and the highest quality.

Payment methods on Noon

You can shop on Noon by paying by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX) or via the Apple Pay feature if available on your phone or by paying cash on delivery, which is the preferred option for most users.

Noon site features

Among the most prominent features of Noon store:

Shipping speed

As it delivers the product to the user very quickly, it can reach at least 24 hours.

Personal data protection

Noon encrypts users data and information to maintain their privacy and security.

Securing the product during delivery

The store wraps the product in a tight manner and opens only once in order to prevent someone other than the customer from opening it and also helps to protect it from breakage or any other danger.

Product quality

The store provides original products only and in high quality and at reasonable prices in addition to another great feature which is that the user is able to return the product or replace it with any other product according to laws related to return and exchange products Read more about it in the next point.

Noon Product Return Policy

The noon site sets a special list of conditions for the return or exchange of products, where users can return the product if it does not belong to the list of non-returnable products according to the following conditions:

The product is not ordered and this error sometimes occurs and is replaced if it is in its original packaging and has all the marks and stickers
The product is damaged or it is discovered that it has some defects

If you change your mind about purchasing the product, it will be changed according to the following conditions:

The product box shall be packed, sealed and in good condition.
If the product is in the fashion category, it must contain the original stickers and labels for the product.

The amount will be returned to your balance on the Noon website, or credit card, after checking the replaced products and making sure that the conditions for return and exchange are met.

Customer Service Noon

If you have any problems or inquiries, and you need to speak with Noon support, you can do so through Noon customer service in all countries that include Noon branches, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Morocco, via e-mail,

In addition to customer service, Noon offers a bundle of mobile applications to facilitate the purchase process and search for the right product for all categories of users. These applications are available on the Google Play and App Store platforms.


The platform is the largest and largest in the Gulf region, the Middle East and North Africa

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