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About Splash

It is the # 1 store in the Middle East as a fashion inspiration in the region. Splash Store was established in the Emirate of Sharjah in 1993, as one of the Landmark Group brands and has today become one of the largest famous stores in the Gulf and Middle East region leading in providing modern collections of clothing and fashion for all age groups in more than 220 independent stores in 14 countries around the world. Splash’s success in winning international awards continues through its various activities, such as organizing the launching of the annual calendar, which has gained importance in recent years in the region, and has also contributed to the organization of a number of famous events such as the twice-yearly fashion show, and Splash is an active member of the Cotton Organization. Better (Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which pledged that 50% of its cotton production would be from sustainable sources in order to maintain a healthy environment starting from 2020.

Splash products

Today, Splash, which is based in the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, is the largest chain of fashion stores in the Gulf region and the Middle East, offering its products to different categories with multiple tastes catering to everyone’s desires. Here is an overview of the divisions offered by Splash Store to its valued customers:


An entire section for women from Splash that includes a wide variety of outfits and clothing, including blouses, trousers, underwear, sports and dresses to sparkle at parties with accessories such as bags and elegant jewelry in addition to all the essentials that each lady needs in appropriate sizes.


The section on men’s elegance in Splash contains a collection of the most luxurious and elegant men’s fashion with international brands of coats, jackets, trousers, sportswear and underwear with various accessories in large sizes that satisfy all tastes and desires.

Splash offers distinguished users additional sections on exclusive offers and wide options for your favorite product, according to color and size, to further facilitate the process of electronic shopping and make it more enjoyable.

Splash discount code and coupon

By choosing among the forty best Arab brands of Furis Arabia, shopping from the Splash ksa platform is a guaranteed choice of elegant and distinctive look between family and friends and for this the Splash electronic platform gives its users the strongest and most recent discounts offers compared to the rest of the other sites for more room for the honorable users of convenient and money-saving shopping Through the splash discount code that reaches 30% and more, in addition to the latest and tested splash coupon on the net, which provides different discounts of 10% and 25%, and it may reach 70 and 80% on occasions and holidays throughout the year.

Splash delivery policy

For more, seeking to provide high-end services to its customers, the Splash store offers free and fast delivery service for orders that exceed 100 SAR.

Also, the period will not exceed one or two days for major cities in the Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, and the delivery staff will contact the user to confirm the delivery time, as well as for requests for the brand Baby Shop, the employee in charge of delivery will set a date in advance since the order needs to be installed.

Splash return policy

You can return the product to Splash stores within 14 days of delivery, but make sure that the product does not belong to a list of prohibitions from a return on the store’s website, and you can then use your returns or credit note to purchase another new product immediately. However, you can only cash in if you paid in cash when you purchased the product.

Splash payment methods

Splash ksa guarantees safe and secure means for its users in the process of paying online:

Credit and debit cards – issued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or credit and debit cards Visa or MasterCard International.
Pay cash on delivery.
Thank You points – All you need is a minimum of 200 Shukrans. Choose the “Thank you” indicator at checkout to calculate the amount of discount you will receive.

To call

Splash gives multiple windows to its users so that they can communicate with a group of competent employees who receive feedback and opinions in pursuit of further progress and better fulfill of all desires. You can communicate seven days a week, 24 hours a day, through the number 800-111-10CP (800-1111027) for clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or via e-mail through our contact page or through well-known social media. It is also possible to chat with a designated employee On the official website of Splash ksa.


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