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An Introduction About Styli

Recently, Styli Shop became a well known name in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since fashion lovers started to get attracted to it due to its large, modern and stylish collections which are suitable for every woman, man, and child.

With very reasonable prices, Styli Shop got its nice reputation which made it a subject between fashion lovers.

Styli Shop offers a fantastic shopping experience to its clients, using a detailed view for the products you are searching for that makes it very easy to reach, with a lot of sections that separates the products according to the most requested, new season, and discount section.

All the products in our store are international and famous trademarks which are everything fashion lovers desire, we guarantee you the ability to get your products from the manufacturers directly because your trust is our main recipe to success and become more popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.

Why Should I Choose Styli Shop?

You will have many advantages that will make you feel special while shopping with Styli, when you order a product be sure that you will receive it in 1-3 work days maximum, with free shipping service for the orders that are more than 100 S.R, and you will have the ability to return the product in case you did not like it within 15 days of delivery date for free. Moreover, you can pay with credit/debit cards, or when you receive your product, or by Mada service.

Our website is available in both Arabic and English language, so you can browse it very easily.

A support team at your service 24/7 in order to answer all your queries and help you with anything you need so you have a unique shopping experience.

Styli App offers 25% discount for new clients when you make an order more than 150 S.R. Also, you can register in our lists in order to receive all discounts and exclusive offers.

When you create an order through our website, we will send you a confirmation message with the delivery date.

All the products you find on Styli are original 100%

Styli Shop Unique Products


Whatever clothes you desire, you will find it at Styli Shop. For women, men, and kids, starting from dresses to formal suits, sleeping pyjamas and lingerie. The available dresses at our store are one of the most requested products due to their special prices and fantastic design. As far as we know, dresses add a very special touch on ladies. Moreover, we cannot ignore the day by day clothes for their vital appearance.

All these types of clothes are available in Styli Shop and labelled by international and famous trademarks.


Beauty and fashion lovers are always obsessed with adding special and tiny little details on their appearance, Styli Shop offers all kinds of bags, belts, accessories, jewelry, hair accessories, and sunglasses. Providing fashion pioneers everything they desire.


You will find in our store all the kinds of shoes that you need, starting with sandals, slippers, sports, and formal shoes. Women, men, and kids are satisfied in our store.

As we mentioned before, when you buy products at a price more than 100 S.R you will have free shipping, and for orders less than 100 S.R, the cost of shipping is just 10 S.R, all during 1-3 work days.

Our clients satisfaction and trust is a must for us, you can contact our support team whenever you face any issue while shopping in our store through these ways:

WhatsApp: (+966) 115208333

Styli Shop online number: 800-1111-090

Our email address:

About the process of returning products, as we clarified earlier, it must be during 15 days of delivery date, and the product must be undamaged and inside its original packaging. Moreover, it is not possible to return swimming cloth, accessories, sunglasses, and underwear.

Notice: You can return the product if you receive it damaged.

Once you place your order and complete the payment our team will send you a confirmation email and sms.

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About Styli

Styli store is the destination of fashion and beauty lovers, due to its large varieties of clothes and accessories which are suitable for everyone.

Containing a lot of famous brands with the ability to purchase their items at a very good price made our store special, we assure you will have a unique shopping experience in Styli store.

While shopping in the store you will notice how easy it is to find the items you are searching for, because of the detailed division of the categories, starting from separating Men’s and Women’s products to the tiny little details of the product itself, in addition to categories that are specialized in what’s new, what’s more popular and etc…

We guarantee the high quality of the products in our store, since we provide items that holds international and famous trademarks coming directly from the manufacturers to your hand, a point that built a very trustable bridge between us and our clients, without ignoring the ability to buy any product you want in a reasonable price using our discount coupons

Moreover, you will receive your order with a fast shipping service with the possibility of returning products that you did not like in 15 days of the delivery date.

Styli Products for Beauty Lovers


You will find a huge collection that will please your taste such as dresses, formal suits, jackets, casual clothes, jumpsuits, sports, in addition to lingerie, home dresses, and sleeping pyjamas.


Styli store offers fantastic accessories bearing international trademarks, you can find belts, bags, hair accessories, sunglasses, jewelry, and more.


Once you go through our shoes section, you will get fascinated by the fabulous models of sandals, formal shoes, sports, and slippers.

With a very easy searching process, you will find whatever you desire in Styli, with classified sections that secretes products by latest trends, new season, and most requested.

In our store you will find the following brands which are the most popular:

Nike, Skechers, Converse, Max, Lee Cooper, Shoemart, Shoexpress, Iconic, Bossini, Redtape, Kappa, Missi, Elle, and Select.



The Styli online store is a destination for elegance and beauty lovers, due to its wide assortment of all kinds of clothing and accessories to suit all tastes. The Styli store is characterized by containing a large group of international brands, with the ability to buy them at competitive prices and suitable for everyone, providing a unique shopping experience to its customers that they rarely find in any other stores.

When you shop at Styli store, you will notice easy access to the products you are looking for, due to the detailed division of all existing products into clear categories. Starting with the separation of products between women and men, to the details according to the type of product you are looking for, what is new this season and the most requested products.