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About Victoria’s Secret

Is the largest American retailer in lingerie founded in 1977 by the American Roy Raymond because of his shame about the acquisition of his wife’s underwear from various giant stores that display women’s products in a silver and improper manner and thus Raymond’s idea was a suitable store with a classical and elegant decoration that allows men The opportunity to shop without disturbance. But if I thought that the designation of Victoria was due to the basic designer of clothes, you are wrong, in fact, there is no Victoria at all, everything is that Raymond preferred designing store decorations with a Victorian character, relative to the British Queen Victoria. Today, the Victoria’s Secret shop has become a platform. Electronic world-famous, its users benefit from its many and varied products, especially in the Middle East region in general and specifically through its branches in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Victoria’s Secret products

From now on, the sleep periods will become more active and beautiful with Victoria’s Secret products with a unique variety and wonderful and innovative touches that accompany the fashion of underwear and mainly related to the beauty and brilliance of women. Among these products we mention:


Includes nightgowns, kimonos, and all the basics of lingerie, in addition to pants, shorts, robes, and light shoes, and all that relates to elegant and luxurious pajamas sets in satin, all with animal skin patterns.


All kinds of bras are available on the Victoria’s Secret platform, from lined and unlined as well, with full and medium coverage. For example, for bras, you also find on our sports bras for chests, in addition to bras without wires and other without bra, and Victoria’s Secret offers you here Body Collection Vectoria For very luxurious and elegant bras.


The Lingerie collection offered by Victoria’s Secret will not find it in another platform except our platform. We are the title of elegance and fine taste with special romantic and tempting designs regarding new married women. There is a nice satin lingerie on your skin in addition to animal skin inscriptions on the designs of shirts and sleepwear attached to the lingerie High fashion seasons, especially from High-Touch Textures.

Underwear pants

You will be delighted to enter the incredible assortment of on-line products for our online platform and Victoria’s Secret boutique. All designs are available to us to cover all tastes, including transparent, long and short, strings and high waist with a bikini set for swimming.

Sports wear

Sports has a share of our interest, as there are elegant and comfortable sports t-shirts and pants and jerseys available.

Cosmetic products

Victoria’s Secret platform provides products related to the beauty of women, including perfumes, lip products, body and hair care.


To complete the list of women’s accessories for beauty and fashion, we at our platform offer a unique selection of accessories mainly for all types of bags and cosmetics.

Victoria’s Secret coupons and offers

The best discounts and coupons on various products provided by Victoria’s Secret for its honorable users, especially ladies who love fashion and style from different countries of the world and all our offers inside the stores in our known branches also meet on the electronic platform through a special corner that shows clearly, because our distinctive brand that owns thanks to you A large fan base that competes with other platforms. Certainly, all the big discounts and amazing offers offered will satisfy the admiration and satisfaction of our customers, as discounts amount to 20% on the original price of each product that was sent to the shopping cart and this includes all products from underwear and sports wear as well as perfumes and distinctive body perfumes and finally cosmetic products and skin and hair care, The store also provides a section for downloads and discounts for mid-season offers that are updated on a daily basis, in addition to the store providing coupons and discount codes that give a large discount rate on the value of orders through the Victoria’s Secret code easy to use L or Victoria’s Secret voucher that offers a great discount on purchases, so that customers enjoy the best products and the lowest prices in an enjoyable online shopping experience.

Online platform:

For notification, there are sections regarding the electronic platform, as follows:

Victoria’s Secret: It is the main interface of the site as it includes a large assortment of products such as what was mentioned from underwear, sleepwear, sports, beauty products, and a set of accessories and bags.
Pink: This brand was created in 2002 to satisfy a very large category that represents university girls and teenage girls with somewhat special tastes. It includes underwear, blouses, T-shirts, sports wear and also youth accessories with innovative and innovative designs.
Beauty beauty: The department includes a number of beauty products, skin and hair care products, in addition to a group of high-end perfumes and luxurious body perfumes.
Victoria’s Secret services
Delivery services: Once you complete your purchase we will prepare your order. We will send you a confirmation message at the email address you entered that includes the products you have purchased, with additional information regarding the date of the order, posting, and prices.

Return and exchange service: The ability to return and replace products within 15 days from the date of receipt of orders, and of course, according to conditions related to the safety of the product and not to damage any part in it while ensuring proper packaging.

Payment methods: Payment methods are varied according to the countries to which they belong, payment by credit cards, debit cards, Knet, payment for our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and of course payment in cash.


You can contact us via the customer service corner on the email and we will be happy to receive our customers ’messages to help us get closer to your desires and understand your tastes more and more.

Victoria’s Secret

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