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Perhaps you wanted to buy a specific product, but while searching on the Internet, I found this product only on the “Amazon” website, and when I wanted to buy the product, I found that this particular product cannot be shipped outside of America, of course it is unfortunate, this is a Yashry site, it is a huge Egyptian shopping site to show Hard to reach and famous products. The site provides you with a wonderful collection of products that are on the Amazon website, which you have always dreamed of getting, but it was not possible for you to do so, through Yashry, you will get Amazon products with ease.

Yashry’s payment methods

Payment methods are available in several ways, the most important of them

Paiement when recieving
Pay by bank transfer
Pay by credit cards
Pay in installments through Barclays Bank
Payment in installments through Mashreq Bank

Discounts and offers Yashry Yashry

In addition to that you can access Amazon products, you will also be able to obtain special offers and special prices through Yashry’s website. That is, the possibility of obtaining the product at a cheaper price than what is available in Amazon is provided and the site provides it to its valued customers in addition to a coupon that is purchased from the coupon Boss which Offers a 10% discount

Shipping and delivery at Yashry’s website

It requires shipping the order and arriving in Saudi Arabia from two to six working days and outside Saudi Arabia from four to eight working days (except for special requests that the customer identifies such as the section (configurable Baraktech) only requires working on the request and shipping it to 28 working days in some cases) Note: The order is shipped directly from our warehouse in Saudi Arabia on the same day or the next working day and any delay in the shipping period becomes the responsibility of the shipping company

Shipping costs for orders are 29 riyals inside Saudi Arabia, 150 riyals outside Saudi Arabia, and free shipping for orders over 200 riyals


You can contact Yashry Customer Service in case of any inquiries or comments on 920033080 or via email



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